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Auditioning the Apprentice

Pulled this out of the vaults.  Enjoy.....


Auditioning the Apprentice

I admit it, I waited in line with about one hundred other ambitious people, 
and tried out for Donald Trump's new reality series: The Apprentice. It's 
not like I'm a big fan of the show, or that I've even seen it. 

 I auditioned 
equipped with only the aforementioned facts and my roommate's insistence 
that I would be wasting my time if I went.

 "Lindsey, they don't take waitresses" He had said.

 "But I have a degree."

 "Degrees from UH don't mean shit. Especially when they're not in 

His little pep talks never failed to chafe my ego, but this one really made 
me wonder. Though, I had long ago accepted that my Bachelors in American 
Studies and Communications couldn't get me a job, I was not prepared for the 
thought that it might not even be enough for a reality show. What a scary 
thought. I guess a degree from an institution under constant danger of 
losing it’s accreditation doesn't inspire much respect from anyone.


 Still, my aspiring actress friend Synna had committed to hit every audition 
to roll through Honolulu and I was her standing date. The next morning, she 
called me twice before I finally got out of bed. It's not like I had 
anything better to do. I printed up a copy of my "professional" resume, 
pulled out an old picture and waited for Synna to arrive.

We got to the Hawai'i Prince Hotel at 9:30am and were both greatly 
impressed by the size of the line. There were about fifty people milling 
around on the sidewalk in front of us. Apparently a lot of people did not 
trust their UH degrees.

I had figured that I would be the lone victim of the Gap in a sea of 
tailored suits, but that was a misjudgment. Most people were dressed pretty 
casually, some even in surf shorts and T's.

One lady was dressed in a wedding gown that had a metal chain in place of a 
back strap. She was stout with long bleached blonde hair, I remembered her 
from the recent "Hawai'i" casting call. At that call, the woman had been 
wearing black booty shorts and a black leather bikini top with what might 
have been the same back-chain.

"At least she has some clothes on this time," Synna remarked. "Do you 
think she just goes to all of these things no matter what?"


We sat on the sidewalk next to the channel eight camera guy and I filled 
out my apprentice application while Synna gave the newsman an interview. I 
answered questions like, "Tell us about your most embarrassing experience," 
and Synna answered questions like, "What makes you qualified to be the next 

One thing's for sure, I racked up many embarrassing experiences on my quest 
to get a degree from UH. I wondered what all those Harvard and Columbia 
guys had to say to that one. I wrote: My most embarrassing experience 
involved a rest stop in Wyoming, projectile vomit and two busloads of second 
graders. Take that.

Shortly thereafter, a woman arrived and gave us both wristbands imprinted 
with our individual numbers and the name of the show. Synna asked, "What's 
your number?"


"I'm Forty-seven." She said. "Forty-seven and forty-eight. Those are our 
lucky numbers."

"Wait. Forty-eight, that number means something to me." My mind, still 
slow from lack of coffee, took a few seconds to make the connection. "It's 
my server number at work."

Synna and I waited for our group interview for about two hours, during 
which time we made five trips to the bathroom and one to McDonald's. In 
line, we saw a former Miss Hawai'i and a member of local girl group, Forte. 
I wondered if, Synna, the Biker Bride and I aren't the only ones who attend 
auditions sans discrimination.

We also met a curious woman who ended up being in our interview group of 
eight. Her name was Maria. She told us that she was a victim's rights 
advocate and she had been at Starbuck's reading the paper when she saw an ad 
for the audition and decided to come out.

"If I had known I was going to be doing this I would have gotten dressed 
and made my face." She said in her Boston accent. "I figured I had to 
come, though. I've been to a few of these and I always make it."


I liked her fiery personality and asked after her previous auditions.
 "I went to this playboy one about twenty years ago and got it, I also got 
one to be on a national talk show. ‘ Synna and I were both duly impressed.
 We were still chatting when they called us in. 

The interview room was a 
converted meeting room. There was a large rectangular table in the middle 
of the room. We arranged ourselves around a guy in his early thirties. He 
was dressed in what I like to call "production cool." He was wearing khaki 
shorts, tennis shoes and a plaid shirt. His curly brown hair was messy and 
appeared about four months shy of a trim. The look was completed with the 
standard black rimmed geek glasses. He pulled it off well, and struck me as 
really cute in a backyard barbecue kind of way. There was a female member 
of the production staff who sat silently behind him, observing the 

"Alooha!" He exclaimed.

 Of course.

 "Alooha!" We all said.

"I'm Tom and I'd like to welcome you to our Honolulu audition. We're going 
to have a very informal meeting today. Let's just have a nice interesting 
conversation." He continued, "I would like to get started by having you all 
introduce yourselves and tell us all little about yourselves."

Synna and I sat next to each other at one end of the table and Maria sat 
at the other end. There were two men in the group: the tall blonde guy, was 
a used car salesman and the other a mainland born self-described, "first 
generation Filipino" had some kind of business degree. There were six women 
including myself, Maria and Synna. The other three all had similar business 
degrees and were working at various hotels around the island.

 After the initial introductions, Tom asked the first question. "You all 
live here, right? So tell me, what's different about business here from the 
mainland. Is it easier or harder to do business here?"

Immediately, the business degrees began throwing out emphatic replies.

"The government here is totally corrupt!" One of the women exclaimed. She 
was of mixed Asian descent, probably in her mid twenties. "When people with 
money try to come into Hawai'i to do business, they always have a really 
hard time getting anything done."

"It's a lot harder to run a business here." Said the used car dealer.

"Why do you think that is?" Tom asked.

"Well," the dealer started, "There are a whole slew of regulations that 
effectively strangle small businesses."

"How so?" Tom asked.

"Well, they have taxes on top of taxes here." He said. "There's a 4% 
sales tax on everything: food, insurance, even rent. On top of that, 
Hawai'i has one of, if not the lowest, property tax rates in the nation. 
Because of that, it is really hard for young people to get land here. Those 
who do have land are not willing to give it up."

"That's right!" Said another one of the female business degrees. She was 
young, pretty and from the mainland. I figured from the beginning of this 
interview that she would probably wax sympathetic to big business. She 
looked like the corporate type, and she was. "I work out on the Waianae 
coast with this really great guy. He's got a multi-million dollar hotel 
that has proven its worth to the community, but when he wants to expand, he 
always has difficulties getting permits and stuff--it's like the people 
don't want to develop the land."

Throughout this, I sat silent on my side of the table. I figured that 
Trump's people would not really be interested in my views. I never can 
quite bring myself to understand how people in business can pretend that it 
is as simple as that. Business to me is about the use of the masses to make 
a few people rich, and I love the fact that locals see that. Why should 
they develop land that they now enjoy? So they can make minimum wage at the 
new hotel?

No, they wouldn't want to hear my liberal beliefs that the people we should 
worry about are the ones who really make a business go around. The real 
little guy. He's the one who works 19 hours a week, because at twenty his 
employer has to spend money to provide him with insurance. This guy does 
the minutia, the dirty work, and does it with a smile, for six bucks an 
hour. What about that guy? What about the regulations that strangle those 

 As in life, the real issues never came out, instead the interview 
degenerated into a racial discussion. Unfortunately it was one of my 
comments that sparked this. When Tom asked how service in Hawai’i compared 
to that of the mainland, the room became a chorus praising Hawai'i's “Aloha 

“I beg to differ,” I said. “I just got back from a trip to the states and 
every time there was more than one person in line at the checkout, they 
opened another one.” They rarely do this in Hawaii.

 "Well," Said one of the local female business degrees, "I don't mean to 
sound racist, but I think that's just because you are white. When I was on 
the mainland people were so mean to me."

Color me politically incorrect, but I thought race was one of those 
untouchable interview topics if you actually wanted to get the job.

"No, I really don't think that's it," I said. I didn't bother to tell her 
that I took this trip with my mother whose main goal on vacation is finding 
every ghetto and reservation in her path.

Then Maria interjected, "I feel like a nigger here."

 I just sat there stunned. It felt as if the clock had missed a tick.

Then she said, "they treat white people like they are niggers in the south. 
 I've been spit at, swore at--and the courts here make me sick."

Once. Twice. I was pretty sure Maria wouldn't be adding this to her list 
of successful auditions.
 The last question Tom asked was predictable, but I was unable to answer it. 
 He asked, "Why do you think you would make a good apprentice?"

Every one of the business degrees took this as the question of a lifetime. 
I was silent. I couldn't think of one reason why I would make Mr. Trump a 
good apprentice, or even wanted to.

I seriously doubted that anyone of this group of people would find 
themselves in Trump's conference room anytime soon. In the end, however, I 
do not think Synna or I will either. Oh well, at least I won't have to hear 
those dreaded words, "you're fired."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Boston Bombing Series (Part Four): The Liars Surrounding Jeff Bauman: Mery Daniels, Christian Williams

All Falls Apart

As I have covered ad nuaseum since Sandy Hook, The Powers That Be are pretty predictable when it comes to their false flag productions.  They give the public a pre-fabricated story and then edit or embellish it as needed.  It used to be much easier for them when the average American was a little less jaded and a lot more trusting.  I mean, they were able to convince us that fire from jet fuel pulverized and completely demolished two 110 story buildings!  Those were the days.

Fortunately, if you are a skeptic, you don't even have to take my word for it. The leaders of the New World Order are actually admitting it. One of the NWO's top men, Zbignew Brzezinski, has spoken on this very topic several times over the last few years. Brzezinski is a former US Security advisor, and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission. The following is from his wikipedia page,
In his 1970 piece Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era, Brzezinski argued that a co-ordinated policy among developed nations was necessary in order to counter global instability erupting from increasing economic inequality. Out of this Thesis, Brzezinski co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller.
Rockefeller is famous among Truther circles for having made the following comments at a meeting of the Trilateral Commission in June of 1991.
We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected the promise of discretion for over forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world-government. The supranatural sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to auto-determination practiced in past centuries.
What he is openly admitting is that if these elite thugs hadn't been able to keep their plans secret for forty odd (really many more) years, they would have never been able to set us up for domination the way they have. He is also alluding to the fact that they know that they only have two options when it comes to controlling us: 1.) Deception. 2.) Outright Violence.

So far, deception has worked. Lately, however, a constantly growing number of people are waking up to the game that is being played. While they have us under a psychological yoke, the physical reality tells another story. There are 99 times more of us than there are of them. They know this and are much more aware than one might imagine. Brzezinski showed his hand during a 2010 Council on Foreign Relations speech in Montreal:
[The] major world powers new and old, also face a novel reality: while the lethality of their military might is greater than ever, their capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world, is at an historic low. To put it bluntly: in earlier times, it was easier to control one million people than to physically kill one million people; today it is infinitely easier to kill one million people than to control one million people.During another speech in Poland, Brzezinski commented that it has become "increasingly difficult to suppress and control the "persistent and highly motivated populist resistance of politically awakened and historically resentful peoples." He also blamed the accessibility of "radio, television and the internet" for what he calls the "universal awakening of mass political consciousness." Source.

"Universal awakening of mass political consciousness." Sounds pretty serious, doesn't it? If you fall into the category of what the truth movement calls an "awakened" individual, you know that once you get a taste of the truth, anything less rings hollow. People who are exposed to the conspiracy and begin to see how they have been manipulated rarely stop there. Usually, it is the beginning of an intense journey in which every belief the individual initially possessed will be tested, and in most cases, disproved. In plain language, I am saying: they can't stop this, and they know it. They are 1% of the population. They can't kill us all.

More Problems with the Official Boston Bombing Narrative

As I explained in part three, there are many holes in the official story when it comes to Carlos Arredondo. Directly after the bombing, he was shoved down our throats as the big hero of this event. However, when we looked at the video evidence, it was clear that it did not match his story.

The Curious Case of Christian Williams 

One of the first sets of pictures to come out after the bombing were posted to a site named imgur. These photos show Christian Williams, aka "Hoodie Guy" sitting next to Jeff Bauman in the heap of bodies directly after the bombing. Though he can be seen clearly doing something to Jeff's newly amputated legs, in MSM articles following the bombing, he is never mentioned as having being next to the bombing's most famous victim.

We have yet to cover the "hoodie guy" and the woman in red, who have been identified as Christian Williams and Mery Daniel. They are the people who were closest to Jeff directly after the bombing. Neither of them looks overly horrified at the carnage that is right in front of them, In fact, both Jeff and Mery appear to be making weird hand signals. As for Christian Williams, it seems he has his hands all over Jeff's newly acquired stumps.

Here we see Christian in the black sweatshirt and grey hoodie. The bomb has just gone off; there is still smoke in the air. We can see Christian's hand on Jeff's leg. There is no blood spurting from the limbs, nor is there blood on Christian's hand.

Here we get a closer look at Jeff and Christian. Jeff has his hand up as if he is making a "stop" signal and Christian looks as though he may be grabbing at something by his neck. You can clearly see that both of Jeff's stumps are clean: they are smooth and there is no blood coming from them.

Christian still has something black in his hand. We should be seeing arterial spurting coming from Bauman's legs, yet we see no blood on the clean stump.

In this frame we can see Mery Daniels (black woman in red jacket) with her hand on Christian's collar. Christian has now got his hand next to Jeff's stump and there appears to be something black tied around it. There is no blood spurting on Mery Daniels, nor does she seem to notice the amputated leg that is in her face.

Mery is making some sort of hand signal and Jeff's legs are no longer smooth on the ends; the leg on our left now shows the famous bone and the leg on our right looks as though it has been cut in half at the end. There is still no blood, however. There is no blood on Jeff's legs, no blood on the ground or on Mery's hair or shirt.

In this photo we can finally see something that looks like blood/gore coming from the end of Jeff's leg. Jeff and Mary are both making some sort of hand signal in the same direction. Christian, through his entire ordeal, has kept his sunglasses and hoodie on. Now that is composure.

What Does it All Mean?

What I find telling is that none of these characters mentions each other in their many major mainstream news stories. Never does Christian mention having Mery Daniel tugging on his collar, nor does he tell us about having his hands all over Jeff's stumps. Why? He certainly wasn't short on details when asked about this day by several different publications, so why leave these points out? 

Williams’ "Go Fund Me" page, created by Steve Kolander (a man who shares many of the same features of Christian Williams, the two look eerily similar when the two pictures are merged.), has raised over $100,000. The story told here is that the bomb exploded feet from where Christian and his fiance, Caroline Reinsch, were standing. Both of their legs were shredded and Christian’s right hand was partially “degloved” which means that he has no skin left on his last three fingers. According to the page,
Christian remembers quite vividly that a Boston Marathn runner, who is also a surgeon, came to his rescue. He remembers the man was able to get people to help him apply tournequits to each of his legs, he hollered out, 'if we can get this guy out on the next transport, he has a chance, otherwise he is going to die.' That’s when he realized how serious his injuries were.
The Go Fund Me site also has a few of Christian's journal entries, including this one where he describes a reunion with the EMT's who worked on him at the scene. He writes, 
Today I met a few of my saviors,...standing before me were three members of the Boston EMS who were directly responsible for keeping me alive and getting me swiftly to the hospital. Apparently, they had been speculating about my outcome for two weeks and decided to surprise me with a visit, because I was by far the most seriously injured patient there that day, and that they had not expected me to make it. They had applied not one, not two, but three tournequits to my left leg, yet still my blood poured off the stretcher and onto the floor. Both of my femurs were exposed and they were applying pressure to keep them in place. My right leg was so badly wounded from top to bottom they thought for sure it was gone. My blood pressure was nowhere to be found and they were calling ahead and alerting the trauma team that I had turned ashen.”

Christian Williams Following the Bombing

Just a few things here:

1.) Where are the belts? Christian says that they had to use three belts to stop the bleeding on his left leg, where are they?
2.) Where are his femurs?? He wrote in his journal that both of his femurs were exposed, so where are they?
3.) Where is the blood? If indeed the above story is true and Christian’s blood “poured off the stretcher and onto the floor,” why can it not be seen in this picture? Why is there no blood on the pants, where the femurs supposedly lie exposed?
4.) Who writes this shit anyway?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and forget about Christian’s girlfriend, Caroline. Where is she?

Photo of Caroline on Stretcher following bombing. Notice the man in the background to the left, his shirt says, "Homeland Security."

According to their publicity/ Go Fund Me page,
Caroline originally ran from the scene as her adrenaline and ‘fight or flight’ instincts kicked in. But as she looked back, she saw that Christian was not with her. She quickly returned to the bomb scene where she found her boyfriend on the ground, unable to get up. This is when she realized she too, had been hit, and collapsed. She has undergone many leg surgeries since Monday and has more to go. In spite of all that she has been through, she is doing well and is in good spirits. As her friend Kara pointed out, she’s not as concerned about herself as she is for Christian. She keeps asking how Christian is doing. 
The story is further embellished in other articles, especially a puff piece put out by the Boston Globe, announcing Caroline’s “miraculous” pregnancy, discovered in the aftermath of the bombing. In this article, the surgeon/runner is left out, as is the part about Caroline initially running from the scene. Instead we are told,
"The bomb blew him into a tangle of bodies. His legs and right hand were ripped open and bled profusely. She put pressure on one of his wounds and on her own at the same time and pleaded with him to stay awake. Soon, they were being whisked away in separate wheelchairs to separate hospitals." (I would like to point out that at no time were either of them pictured in a wheelchair.) 
Later in the article we find,
They no longer have to try not to remember that day or the terrible days that followed, they said. "Any pain or suffering I felt has been replaced with joy." Williams said. "Discovering that I was going to be a father is how I will always remember the marathon." (Source.)
Here we go again with the theme that the victims are moving on, and thus, so should the American public. Seriously? After your legs are blown apart and hand is "degloved" you are not going to remember that, only joy? Give me a break. What about the questions that any human would ask if they had really experienced something so traumatic? Wouldn't one at least ponder whether or not he/she wants to raise a child in a world where terrorists previously known to the FBI are allowed to roam free and bomb innocent civilians on a public street?! I question raising children in this world nearly everyday and the most traumatic thing I have ever been through pales in comparison. Let's get real here. This article reads like a bad romance novel. You would think with their unlimited power and resources the PTB could hire some better writers.

Mery Daniels
Mery Daniels is another weak point in the official story (and there are many). She was one of the people closest to Jeff Bauman, yet she never mentions seeing him in the pile of bodies. How she could have missed him? As you can clearly see from the photos earlier in the article, one of his legs was behind her back and the other was right in her face.
It is clear from news stories about her as well as others, that the MSM does not expect Americans to do any of their own research. There are several articles on the net about Mery, and they all give slightly different information.

Mery on the morning of the bombing. While there is some blood on the stretcher, there is no obvious damage to the legs. The skin is intact where the pants are torn.

All of the articles start with the same basic information regarding Mery, that she is a Hatian immigrant and that she is studying here in America to become a Doctor. When it comes to the time she spent in the hospital, however, the stories diverge.

In an early Boston Herald piece, Mery says,
“I was at finish line,” Daniel told the Herald yesterday, “but I don’t remember much. Even after I got to the hospital, I don’t remember anything. I may have lost consciousness.” (Source.)
So in one story, Mery claims that she doesn't remember much, and that she may have lost consciousness.

That is not, however, what she told CNN...

In the CNN article, Woman Gets New Life and New Leg After Boston Bombing, Mery describes herself as "waiting patiently for that day." She had attended the Marathon the year before, and after having had so much fun, decided to do it again. She says, “I was at the finish line. The moment I got there, that was when I heard the blast.”
The article continues,
After the bombs exploded, Mery was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital with severe injuries to her lower limbs. She recalls asking doctors in the emergency room to save her leg, but they couldn't. Not only were doctors fighting to save Mery's left leg -- they were fighting to save her life. Her heart stopped twice during surgery. She was in a coma for three days. At just 31, she's been to hell and back. (Source.)
In a WBUR article, we get yet another version of the tale:
“I was on the floor and I still didn’t understand what was happening.” She recalled. “When I looked next to me, there was a woman with the arms were gone. And that’s when I understood something very tragic had happened.”
Mery lost her left leg and much of the back of her right leg was also blown away. Unconscious, she was rushed to Massachusetts General Hospital. It was two days before she woke and discovered the extent of her injuries.

“I had a lot of operations done in my stomach and under my breast because I had lost so much blood,” Daniel said. “They had to find out whether or not I had some internal bleeding. And also apparently, my heart stopped about two times, so they had to do interventions just to keep my blood flowing.”
So what we have here are three different versions of the same hospital stay, all told by the same woman. In one we hear that she may have lost consciousness. In the next we are told that she arrived at the ER unconscious and was in a two day coma, and in another article, the same coma is extended to three days. Is this a case of selective amnesia, or do we have another liar on our hands?

As we read on we are told that there is no bitterness in Mery, just a reluctance to talk about her future which she is now uncertain about.
“This was an act of evil and I don’t think I really want to dwell on trying to understand why this is happening. All I can hope for is what’s the best way we can eliminate this sort of thing from happening.” Daniel said. “And how we all came together that day, and that what was important to me, Not the evil part of it, but the best of us.” (Source.)

Mery after the bombing. 

Well, I am sorry, Mery, but I am just not buying it. You just lost a freaking leg. Are you serious? You can’t remember how long your coma was or how many surgeries you had in your stomach? You don’t want to dwell on the evil that happened, a mere few months ago? Are you serious?!?! Excuse me if I sound insensitive, but I am having a really hard time believing that this is a real person. I'm having a hard time believing that any of these are real people.

In Conclusion

What I see after analyzing this event for almost a year is a group of elites who know they are quickly losing control and are desperately trying to maintain the facade of dominance. They attempt to keep us in line through fear, but they have played that card so many times that it is losing its effect. Their mouthpieces, the MSM have been exposed as liars over and over. They can no longer shape the attitude of the masses.

The game has been exposed, thanks to the internet. TPTB are well aware of the Great Awakening as we read earlier and will do anything to slow its progress. It is up to us to continue to expose these liars and actors for who they are: traitors to the Republic, our Constitution and God. Guilty of treason against not only our country, but humanity as a whole.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boston Bombing Series (Part Three): The Liars Surrounding Jeff Bauman--Carlos Arredondo

Fraudsters Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo Pose Together in Jeff's
 Hospital Room Following the Boston Bombing

James 1:8  A dual minded man is unstable in all his ways. 
If ever there were a time to pick a side, this is it.  Deception is in the air. Even the numbest, most oblivious people have a sense that something is wrong at this point.  The voices of revolution are being raised globally.  The signs, long ago spelled out to us in the bible, are everywhere.  Fear and indecision are our worst enemies, we must refuse to allow them to hold us prisoner.

James 1:20 -25 
20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.  21 Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your souls.22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.23 For if any man be a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass24 For he beholdeth himself and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therin, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
In these times, there are many people claiming to be what they are not.  I will get into this more in the next few posts, but for now I will keep it simple, using Christians as an example.  Most of us know at least one person who claims to be a born-again Christian, who acts in a way that goes against the code of conduct laid out in the Bible.  Some do this willingly.  However, the vast majority of people have no idea that they are even going against the teachings of Jesus Christ, having been influenced by false prophets, such as those who peddle their brand of religion on television.  American culture has been so perverted as to tout a way of life that is everything but what Yahweh has ordained. The indoctrination is forcefully shoved down our throats at every turn, so ubiquitous that we fail to see it.  For those raised in the era of High-Definition Television, the hypnosis is even harder to shake, as constant exposure to hyper-real imagery makes it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

The bible verse I quoted above has a lot of meaning for me.  It is God's direct word to me and others that there is no halfway when it comes to serving him, and by proxy, humanity.  There is no halfway when it comes to following your destiny.  

I Come to You Emboldened  

I have come across a multitude of evidence, so far out there, that even I had a hard time coming to terms with it.  I guess that's what happens when you follow the truth wherever it takes you, world views are shattered and preconceptions serve no purpose.  I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me over the last few years.  The point is; don't ever think you have a monopoly on the truth, because more information will always surface.

That being said, I offer my hypothesis that there were more than a few actors at the scene of the Boston Bombing, it appears that everyone at scene one was an actor and the entire drama was staged.  I can only make this assertion about bomb scene one because there are so few pictures of the blasts that took place at the second scene.

The Story That Makes No Sense 

The MSM are now saying that almost 300 people, 282 to be exact, were injured in the explosions in Boston.  Where are all of these people?  We haven't heard from too many of them, other than the victims the national press have chosen to focus on. Much like the coverage we saw after Sandy Hook, the MSM has put out numerous stories about a select few of the injured, who just so happen to agree with the government's agenda at the time.  As you will see shortly, the video evidence does not show a large group of injured people at the scene

Below is a picture of 350 people gathered to hear someone speak.  They are seated, but as you can see, they fill a large room.

Here is an aerial photo that shows the scene one immediately after the bombing occurred, as you can see, there is still smoke in the air.  Does this look like three hundred people?!  Is it possible that the MSM may be exaggerating the number for ratings, for sympathy, for a profit?

I'm not even going to bother counting the amount of people in this photo.  As you can see, including the "first responders" there are less than 50 people visible here.  Unless there are about 250 injured over at scene two, somebody is full of it.

What do you think would happen if that many people were really injured?  How may of them would be thinking about suing the government for wrongful death or dismemberment, given they were at a public event with implied/assured safety?  Is it realistic that all of the injured would be good-looking, likeable, hero types?  Would there not be one negative, cowardly person among them?  Not one angry person, looking for retribution?  There are plenty of those types around in real life, why are they never injured or murdered in terrorist attacks?  Is this just another case of the good guy always finishing last?

Three hundred real injuries would be a nightmare for the City of Boston and the FBI, given that it is now established fact that they were well aware of the existence of the alleged bombers long before the marathon (more on that in another post).  A fake attack with falsified injuries would be much easier to manage from a legal standpoint.

I recently read an article about a family suing the Local Police Department because they failed to find three lost children in the trunk of a car that was on the families property.  The boys died, the family sued and won.  (Source.)   In a case like this, there is no doubt that the city could be found liable.  

The Many Liars Surrounding Jeff Bauman

The Jeff Bauman story is pretty unbelievable on its face.  As we saw in part two, Jeff's injuries were life threatening to say the least.  Yet, no one was in any kind of rush to get him help, when he was obviously the most seriously injured of the lot.  The story gets even more fishy when you add in the testimony of Carlos Arredondo who says he rushed over the fence and whisked Jeff away.  The pictures disprove this statement.  

Carlos Arredondo Hero Cowboy

Much like we witnessed with Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook fame, the story of Carlos Arredendo doesn't quite fit with the available evidence. Arredendo says that there were people knocked out laying around everywhere, but that Jeff was awake the whole time and Carlos was talking to him.  As you will see shortly, the photographic record simply does not support this. 

Carlos' Story:
When the first explosion happened, he jumped over a fence and ran toward the victims, he told WEEI radio in Boston yesterday morning. He knelt down next to Bauman, whose legs had been blown off and was bleeding profusely and began talking to him to calm him down. Bauman was conscious.
“He was a very good listener, and he was awake the whole time. He really is a strong man,” Arredondo said in the interview.
Arredondo found a sweater on the ground, ripped it and tied it around Bauman’s leg to try to stop the bleeding. He picked up Bauman and placed him in a wheelchair. Then, as the image shows, he grabbed one of Bauman’s severed arteries as Bauman was wheeled toward an ambulance. 

Below are a number of Screen Shots taken from the Boston Globe coverage of the Bombing.  As you can see, they clearly contradict Carlos' testimony.  The entire video can be seen here.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (:54 sec)

At :54 seconds we see the Boston Police and guys in yellow jackets jumping over the fence and into the area where the victims are presumed to be.  The vast majority of the bystanders appear to have cleared out of the area in just a few seconds time.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:06)

Here, at 1:06 we see further into the scene of the crime, where there are a number of people milling around.  No evidence of any injuries or blood, yet.  

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:08)

At 1:08, we can see further into the scene, and it is still empty.  We see photographers walk up to the fence, and then turn and walk away.  Ever heard of any photographer walking away from a big scoop like that?  I haven't.  I would think any journalist would want to see what was happening and record it for posterity. (or maybe a Pulitzer)

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:17)

At 1:17, we get a good glimpse behind the fences and still...nothing!

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:47)

At 1:47 Carlos Arredondo makes his first appearance.  He is standing on the inside of the enclosure, helping to move the fence out of the way.  Jeff is laying on the ground somewhere back there.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:47)

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:54)
Carlos still working the fence removal crew.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:54)

Here's the close-up: as you can see, Carlos has the famous American flag in his hands even while removing barriers.  That takes some co-ordination right there!  What a hero!

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:05)
A full ten seconds later Carlos is still removing the fence. 

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:20)

Here, at 2:20, we can see that Carlos is not helping Jeff, and he is still removing fence pieces.  At one point we see Kristie in the scene and Carlos steps over her and then returns to the fence removal.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:31)

Finally, at 2:31, some guy comes up to Carlos and puts his hand on his back, pointing into the left of the crowd. 

And where was Jeff during this time?  Laying on the ground, appearing calm and not in much pain at all.  I guess we can attribute his Zen to shock.  He is bleeding (though not nearly as much as you would expect), holding his leg, and other people around him are being attended to, while he is ignored.  Take a good look at the guy in the jeans with the two people over standing over him, that is laying behind Jeff.  His name is Christian Williams and he will come up again.

Here we can see it from another angle.  Jeff is clutching his leg, exactly where the fake prosthetic would be attached.  While there is a lot of blood pooled around and under Jeff, there appears to be very little actually coming from the leg.  The bone appears to be almost clean and the skin is flapping around the wound.  People are just walking by him as if he is not even there.  Is this how they triage in a normal situation?  The double amputee is ignored, while others around him are helped, sometimes by multiple people?

What can we surmise this collection of stills?  First, Carlos certainly did not run right into the crowd and start working on Jeff immediately.  Instead, we can see that he did not even approach Jeff until at least two and a half minutes after the bombing.  This evidence not only puts Carlos' story to bed, it contradicts another statement that I found online from one of Jeff's so-called friends that, " He got to the ER in just over 3 minutes." 

Here is an excerpt from comments that were posted (by Jeff's anonymous lifelong friend) to this article.  He writes,  
And he did lose a lot of blood, A LOT of blood. So much that he told people to leave him and help others while he searched for his blown up cell phone to call friends and family to say goodbye and to tell them who the guy was that did it. There was one couragous man, (dont worry, i dont expect some of you assholes to know a thing about courage) in a cowboy hat that told him he wasnt going to die and that he was going to live. Jeff was concious and alert until he asked his ER doctor to sedate him because the pain became so severe. His ER doctor also told me that they pumped him with 5 units of blood when he first got there. He also told me he had less than 4 minutes to live from the time of the blast. He got to the ER in just over 3 minutes. 
From what we just saw, there is no way Jeff made it to the hospital in three minutes if Carlos did not even head in his direction until two and a half minutes after the bombing.  That means he would have been thrown into the wheelchair, wheeled to the ambulance, driven to the hospital...all in thirty seconds.  Absurd!

Additionally, I would like to know who believes that Jeff had the presence of mind to ask for a cel phone while watching his life bleeding out from what used to be his legs?  Why did Jeff search for his cell phone if he thought he was going to die?  If he knew who the bomber was, wouldn't he just go ahead and tell the first responders around him?  Furthermore, why did he wait until three days later to tell the authorities that he had looked right into the eyes of Tamerlan Tsarneav?  Let's not forget, it was this famous testimony that led to the capture and execution of the young man.  Let's not forget, it was this event that led to the unofficial martial law that was declared in Boston.

Based on what we have seen so far, we can be sure that Carlos is a liar.  We know that Jeff's anonymous friend has either been seriously misled, or is also lying.  Finally, it appears that our hero Jeff is full of shit.

To Be Continued....

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