Thursday, September 5, 2013

Boston Bombing Series (Part Three): The Liars Surrounding Jeff Bauman--Carlos Arredondo

Fraudsters Jeff Bauman and Carlos Arredondo Pose Together in Jeff's
 Hospital Room Following the Boston Bombing

James 1:8  A dual minded man is unstable in all his ways. 
If ever there were a time to pick a side, this is it.  Deception is in the air. Even the numbest, most oblivious people have a sense that something is wrong at this point.  The voices of revolution are being raised globally.  The signs, long ago spelled out to us in the bible, are everywhere.  Fear and indecision are our worst enemies, we must refuse to allow them to hold us prisoner.

James 1:20 -25 
20 For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.  21 Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save your souls.22 But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.23 For if any man be a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like unto a man beholding his natural face in a glass24 For he beholdeth himself and goeth his way, and straightway forgetteth what manner of man he was25 But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therin, he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed.
In these times, there are many people claiming to be what they are not.  I will get into this more in the next few posts, but for now I will keep it simple, using Christians as an example.  Most of us know at least one person who claims to be a born-again Christian, who acts in a way that goes against the code of conduct laid out in the Bible.  Some do this willingly.  However, the vast majority of people have no idea that they are even going against the teachings of Jesus Christ, having been influenced by false prophets, such as those who peddle their brand of religion on television.  American culture has been so perverted as to tout a way of life that is everything but what Yahweh has ordained. The indoctrination is forcefully shoved down our throats at every turn, so ubiquitous that we fail to see it.  For those raised in the era of High-Definition Television, the hypnosis is even harder to shake, as constant exposure to hyper-real imagery makes it difficult to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

The bible verse I quoted above has a lot of meaning for me.  It is God's direct word to me and others that there is no halfway when it comes to serving him, and by proxy, humanity.  There is no halfway when it comes to following your destiny.  

I Come to You Emboldened  

I have come across a multitude of evidence, so far out there, that even I had a hard time coming to terms with it.  I guess that's what happens when you follow the truth wherever it takes you, world views are shattered and preconceptions serve no purpose.  I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me over the last few years.  The point is; don't ever think you have a monopoly on the truth, because more information will always surface.

That being said, I offer my hypothesis that there were more than a few actors at the scene of the Boston Bombing, it appears that everyone at scene one was an actor and the entire drama was staged.  I can only make this assertion about bomb scene one because there are so few pictures of the blasts that took place at the second scene.

The Story That Makes No Sense 

The MSM are now saying that almost 300 people, 282 to be exact, were injured in the explosions in Boston.  Where are all of these people?  We haven't heard from too many of them, other than the victims the national press have chosen to focus on. Much like the coverage we saw after Sandy Hook, the MSM has put out numerous stories about a select few of the injured, who just so happen to agree with the government's agenda at the time.  As you will see shortly, the video evidence does not show a large group of injured people at the scene

Below is a picture of 350 people gathered to hear someone speak.  They are seated, but as you can see, they fill a large room.

Here is an aerial photo that shows the scene one immediately after the bombing occurred, as you can see, there is still smoke in the air.  Does this look like three hundred people?!  Is it possible that the MSM may be exaggerating the number for ratings, for sympathy, for a profit?

I'm not even going to bother counting the amount of people in this photo.  As you can see, including the "first responders" there are less than 50 people visible here.  Unless there are about 250 injured over at scene two, somebody is full of it.

What do you think would happen if that many people were really injured?  How may of them would be thinking about suing the government for wrongful death or dismemberment, given they were at a public event with implied/assured safety?  Is it realistic that all of the injured would be good-looking, likeable, hero types?  Would there not be one negative, cowardly person among them?  Not one angry person, looking for retribution?  There are plenty of those types around in real life, why are they never injured or murdered in terrorist attacks?  Is this just another case of the good guy always finishing last?

Three hundred real injuries would be a nightmare for the City of Boston and the FBI, given that it is now established fact that they were well aware of the existence of the alleged bombers long before the marathon (more on that in another post).  A fake attack with falsified injuries would be much easier to manage from a legal standpoint.

I recently read an article about a family suing the Local Police Department because they failed to find three lost children in the trunk of a car that was on the families property.  The boys died, the family sued and won.  (Source.)   In a case like this, there is no doubt that the city could be found liable.  

The Many Liars Surrounding Jeff Bauman

The Jeff Bauman story is pretty unbelievable on its face.  As we saw in part two, Jeff's injuries were life threatening to say the least.  Yet, no one was in any kind of rush to get him help, when he was obviously the most seriously injured of the lot.  The story gets even more fishy when you add in the testimony of Carlos Arredondo who says he rushed over the fence and whisked Jeff away.  The pictures disprove this statement.  

Carlos Arredondo Hero Cowboy

Much like we witnessed with Gene Rosen of Sandy Hook fame, the story of Carlos Arredendo doesn't quite fit with the available evidence. Arredendo says that there were people knocked out laying around everywhere, but that Jeff was awake the whole time and Carlos was talking to him.  As you will see shortly, the photographic record simply does not support this. 

Carlos' Story:
When the first explosion happened, he jumped over a fence and ran toward the victims, he told WEEI radio in Boston yesterday morning. He knelt down next to Bauman, whose legs had been blown off and was bleeding profusely and began talking to him to calm him down. Bauman was conscious.
“He was a very good listener, and he was awake the whole time. He really is a strong man,” Arredondo said in the interview.
Arredondo found a sweater on the ground, ripped it and tied it around Bauman’s leg to try to stop the bleeding. He picked up Bauman and placed him in a wheelchair. Then, as the image shows, he grabbed one of Bauman’s severed arteries as Bauman was wheeled toward an ambulance. 

Below are a number of Screen Shots taken from the Boston Globe coverage of the Bombing.  As you can see, they clearly contradict Carlos' testimony.  The entire video can be seen here.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (:54 sec)

At :54 seconds we see the Boston Police and guys in yellow jackets jumping over the fence and into the area where the victims are presumed to be.  The vast majority of the bystanders appear to have cleared out of the area in just a few seconds time.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:06)

Here, at 1:06 we see further into the scene of the crime, where there are a number of people milling around.  No evidence of any injuries or blood, yet.  

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:08)

At 1:08, we can see further into the scene, and it is still empty.  We see photographers walk up to the fence, and then turn and walk away.  Ever heard of any photographer walking away from a big scoop like that?  I haven't.  I would think any journalist would want to see what was happening and record it for posterity. (or maybe a Pulitzer)

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:17)

At 1:17, we get a good glimpse behind the fences and still...nothing!

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:47)

At 1:47 Carlos Arredondo makes his first appearance.  He is standing on the inside of the enclosure, helping to move the fence out of the way.  Jeff is laying on the ground somewhere back there.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:47)

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:54)
Carlos still working the fence removal crew.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (1:54)

Here's the close-up: as you can see, Carlos has the famous American flag in his hands even while removing barriers.  That takes some co-ordination right there!  What a hero!

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:05)
A full ten seconds later Carlos is still removing the fence. 

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:20)

Here, at 2:20, we can see that Carlos is not helping Jeff, and he is still removing fence pieces.  At one point we see Kristie in the scene and Carlos steps over her and then returns to the fence removal.

Boston Globe: Explosions at the Boston Marathon (2:31)

Finally, at 2:31, some guy comes up to Carlos and puts his hand on his back, pointing into the left of the crowd. 

And where was Jeff during this time?  Laying on the ground, appearing calm and not in much pain at all.  I guess we can attribute his Zen to shock.  He is bleeding (though not nearly as much as you would expect), holding his leg, and other people around him are being attended to, while he is ignored.  Take a good look at the guy in the jeans with the two people over standing over him, that is laying behind Jeff.  His name is Christian Williams and he will come up again.

Here we can see it from another angle.  Jeff is clutching his leg, exactly where the fake prosthetic would be attached.  While there is a lot of blood pooled around and under Jeff, there appears to be very little actually coming from the leg.  The bone appears to be almost clean and the skin is flapping around the wound.  People are just walking by him as if he is not even there.  Is this how they triage in a normal situation?  The double amputee is ignored, while others around him are helped, sometimes by multiple people?

What can we surmise this collection of stills?  First, Carlos certainly did not run right into the crowd and start working on Jeff immediately.  Instead, we can see that he did not even approach Jeff until at least two and a half minutes after the bombing.  This evidence not only puts Carlos' story to bed, it contradicts another statement that I found online from one of Jeff's so-called friends that, " He got to the ER in just over 3 minutes." 

Here is an excerpt from comments that were posted (by Jeff's anonymous lifelong friend) to this article.  He writes,  
And he did lose a lot of blood, A LOT of blood. So much that he told people to leave him and help others while he searched for his blown up cell phone to call friends and family to say goodbye and to tell them who the guy was that did it. There was one couragous man, (dont worry, i dont expect some of you assholes to know a thing about courage) in a cowboy hat that told him he wasnt going to die and that he was going to live. Jeff was concious and alert until he asked his ER doctor to sedate him because the pain became so severe. His ER doctor also told me that they pumped him with 5 units of blood when he first got there. He also told me he had less than 4 minutes to live from the time of the blast. He got to the ER in just over 3 minutes. 
From what we just saw, there is no way Jeff made it to the hospital in three minutes if Carlos did not even head in his direction until two and a half minutes after the bombing.  That means he would have been thrown into the wheelchair, wheeled to the ambulance, driven to the hospital...all in thirty seconds.  Absurd!

Additionally, I would like to know who believes that Jeff had the presence of mind to ask for a cel phone while watching his life bleeding out from what used to be his legs?  Why did Jeff search for his cell phone if he thought he was going to die?  If he knew who the bomber was, wouldn't he just go ahead and tell the first responders around him?  Furthermore, why did he wait until three days later to tell the authorities that he had looked right into the eyes of Tamerlan Tsarneav?  Let's not forget, it was this famous testimony that led to the capture and execution of the young man.  Let's not forget, it was this event that led to the unofficial martial law that was declared in Boston.

Based on what we have seen so far, we can be sure that Carlos is a liar.  We know that Jeff's anonymous friend has either been seriously misled, or is also lying.  Finally, it appears that our hero Jeff is full of shit.

To Be Continued....

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