Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sandy Hook: Part of the Bigger Plan? (Part One)

 Obama Wiping his Fake Tears Away Using Middle Finger
(I'm sure it was just a coincidence!)

Along with millions of other Americans, I recently watched President Obama feign tears as he spoke of the senseless act of violence that had taken the lives of twenty schoolchildren in Newtown, Connecticut.  He then took his message to the NRA, where he proclaimed that we can no longer sit idly by while our country suffers from this kind of violence.  At the time, I was so disgusted with his performance that I sat down and wrote this:

Sometimes my life feels like one of those movies where the story takes place in post-apocalyptic America and the Police State runs the show.  The Hero/Heroine is always on the run from the Nazi-type ruling party which controls the thoughts and actions of the entire slave population.  For their part, the people are content to work their pointless jobs, completely unaware of the hideous activities of their rulers.

Every once in a while the hero (and whoever he or she is with) ends up hiding out in some run-down motel for a night in the middle of nowhere.  While they are there taking their hot showers and such, they inevitably turn on the television and you see the ruling member of "the party" looking a lot like Mao or Lenin, saying that certain freedoms must be taken away in order to assure the safety of the general population. 

It's always interesting to watch the utter polarity between the world the hero or heroine lives in and the world that the rest of their countrymen live in.  This is the situation I find myself in.  After copious amounts of research and learning, my reality has changed so much, I feel as if I live in a completely different space than I did even three years ago.  For me, the blinders are off, and I can see through the Matrix, so to speak.  Every once in a while, Something big happens, such as a school shooting (obviously staged), where the Matrix invades my reality; and I am once again reminded that what is happening to our country is still hidden from many.

I have been predicting this ramp up of violence and clamp down on our freedoms for a while.  The gun control debate that has sprung up in the face of the Sandy Hook Massacre is exactly what is to be expected from our shadow government, who is tirelessly working towards their goal of a New World Order. 

Obviously, the world did not end on 12/21/12.  The date did, however, mark the start of something new.  A shift in consciousness has been building for some time now and the Elite have known about it all along.  This is one of the main reasons for the bombardment from gmo's, chemtrails and fake food.  It is why they have been trying to overtly poison our minds with satanic themed music and videos.  It is also why they have recently seriously ramped up the public massacres.

They want us to be scared.  They want us to be confused and in fear because then we are easier to control.  Remember, they are occultists and bask in the darkness of evil.  They harvest our negative energies to curry favor with their demons, much the same way a Minister gathers the good and points them towards God.  It is the antithesis of saving souls.

Staged Attack?

As a person who regularly studies these types of things, I was immediately struck by the fact that the media claimed to have the identity and location of the shooters home within minutes.  This quick information dissemination is typical of the mainstream press whenever something like this occurs.  This was the case with the assassination of JFK when media outlets all over the world simultaneously fingered Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone nut shooter of our beloved President.  

Another example of the mainstream media's complicity in cover up is the curious case of the "collapse" of building number seven on 9-11.  There are multiple videos on YouTube showing a BBC reporter in front of live video feed of the New York skyline where WTC building is clearly still standing, announcing that the building has fallen due to severe fire.

 Reporting Collapse of WTC Tower Seven on 9-11, over TWENTY minutes before it actually happened! (3 min)


In the Truther community, we have a term, False Flag Terror Attack.  This is when government, or one of the alphabet agencies, (ie: CIA, FBI, ATF) stages an attack on its own people and blames it on someone else.  Most of the time, these attacks are attributed to a "lone nut gunman."  This person is usually not the only shooter and many times, has never even shot a gun.  Mostly, public shootings like the Batman Shootings, are staged psychological operations in which the intended victim is really you. 

False Flag Terror attacks fall under the problem-reaction-solution model, coined by famous conspiracy theorist, David Icke.  Whereas, your government creates the problem, then awaits the anticipated reaction: in this case, the American people's uproar demanding gun control.  Next comes the solution, in which the government pretends to solve the problem it created in the first place.  (Source.)


Some Basic Inconsistencies Regarding the Sandy Hook Massacre:

According to Newtown's Local newspaper, The Newtown Bee, Sandy Hook's Principal, Dawn Hochsprung called them at some point.  In a lengthy conversation, she informed them that the shooting went on forever.  Later, it was announced that the principal was in fact one of the first to be killed.  It was impossible for her to have given this testimony.  Who was this woman that called the paper?  Of course, the story has been removed from The Bee's website.  The original link now takes you to a retraction and apology.  Here.

Screen Shot of Original Newtown Bee Article 
(This has since been "scrubbed" from the net.)

In direct contradiction the story told by "Hochsprung," police radio traffic indicated the shooting lasted only a few minutes.  State police Lt. Paul Vance said officers arrived instantaneously, immediately entered the school, searched it completely and found Lanza dead.  (Source.)

Initially, it was reported that there were three gunmen.  Police radio recordings back this up.  You can hear Policemen saying that they have a suspect proned out.  Who is this suspect?  There is also video of police chasing and a taking into custody a man in camouflaged clothing. (See Video Below)

Cathy Gaubert claimed that her daughter's picture was lifted off of Flicker and used on numerous Facebook pages as a Sandy Hook shooting victim.  She posted a message begging people to contact her if they saw the image being used, as her daughter is alive and well.  (Source.) 

The video belows covers some of the issues associated with the Newtown killings including the reports of multiple shooters, the many inconsistencies in the early reporting, the strange interview with the Newtown Coroner, and much more.

 Sandy Hook Conspiracy Documentary (30 min)

Happy Victims?

I find it extremely telling that the families of the victims are so composed, well rested and generally in good spirits.  After watching close to two hours of footage from various newscasts, I cannot say that I saw one single tear during that entire time.  Despite the fact that there was a lot of sniffling; there were no red eyes, no puffy faces, no tear stained cheeks, and certainly no running noses or kleenex.  Being a mother myself, I get watery-eyed just thinking about something happening to one of my children.  I don't think that if one of my kids had died a violent death a week before Christmas, I'd be able to do an interview period.  Yet, somehow, these dry-eyed parents are able to laugh and reminisce and feel no anger.  I call B.S.  Just watch this crap.  Is that how you would act if your kid supposedly got shot between three and eleven times with a high-powered rifle by a crazed gunman?!  You would think at least once you would hear a parent say, "I just can't believe it," but no, every single one of them seems to have raced through all the stages of grief and reached acceptance within a few days.  Unbelievable!

The Sandy Hook Actors (11 mins)

 Sandy Hook Actors Part 2 (15 min)

That's it for part one.  Look for part two within the next few days which will be delving further into this PsyOps.  


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