Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sandy Hook: Part of the Bigger Plan? (Part Two)

Part one ended with the witnesses that the national media are asking us to believe regarding Sandy Hook.  As you saw yesterday, the parents are all dry-eyed and seem to have come to acceptance regarding their children's deaths in record-breaking time. 

In contrast, here is a 1999 news story highlighting several victims of the Columbine massacre.  The people interviewed in this story have already had a close to a month to come to terms with their losses, yet they seem more upset than the Sandy Hook parents do mere days after the shooting.  Unlike the Sandy Hook videos we have seen so far, which feature parents who are well rested and jovial, the Columbine video shows a different reality.  The family members of the victims all have a faraway look in their eyes, and seem very sad.  The memorial with the basketball girls shows no less than three girls with wet faces, tears streaming from their eyes.  The Coach's daughters are also having a very hard time keeping themselves under control.  In contrast to the Sandy Hook parents who made a lot of noise, they are quietly crying, but are unable to hold back the tears.

Three Victims of Columbine Shooting (2 min) 

Here's another one.  The people interviewed in this piece appear to all be showing genuine emotion.  First of all, the video establishes that something really happened.  We see dead bodies outside the school and doors with glass that has been shot out.  It shows lines of crying people expressing disbelief at what has just taken place.  There are freaked out, sobbing students who have tears streaming down their faces.  The sheriff doing the press conference has huge bags under his eyes and looks stressed.  A teacher saying, "Not here, yes at other schools, but not here."  Watching this video, I was nearly brought to tears myself several times.  This puts a knot at my gut, it feels real.  I cannot say that I had that reaction watching any of the Sandy Hook coverage.

 ABC News Nightline Footage of Columbine (6min)

 OK, last one.  I just want to show what a school shooting that actually happened looks like.  In the Columbine coverage, they show EMS workers setting up a triage are where they stage victims before transporting them to the hospital.  In this footage, you can see worried families quickly walking through the area towards the school.  Also the EMS workers are running around, there is a sense of urgency.  Once again, every victim is much more believable than any of the parents we saw in part one.

Columbine Massacre One.Man.Band (2 min)

Crisis Actors?

Getting back to Sandy Hook: there are many basic inconsistencies with the official story.  On top of that, all of the of the witnesses we have seen are less than credible.  Could this be because they are not really the parents of the victims?  Who could they possibly be?  While I'd say it is safe to say they are not the people who are actually involved in the shooting, there has been much speculation that they are hired actors.

Indeed, this is possible.  Many have pointed to a group called crisis actors.  They are actors who are hired to participate in drills that simulate mass public shootings for training purposes.  Their website, here:, opens with a large still picture of Anderson Cooper's so called "Rebuttal" of the conspiracy theorists, and this statement.

Cooper: Keeping the "Truthers" Honest.

Statement from Crisis Actors

January 14, 2013

We are outraged by Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy's deliberate promotion of rumor and innuendo to link Crisis Actors to the Sandy Hook shootings of December 14, 2012. We do not engage our actors in any real-world crisis events, and none of our performances may be presented at any time as a real-world event.

James Tracy copied his material from blogs and YouTube channels that manufacture malicious rumors and false accusations.

It is obvious to James Tracy and FAU that these sites pander to followers who need only rumor and innuendo to carry out a relentless hate attack against the Sandy Hook community as well as Crisis Actors.

These followers' online campaign of threats and defamation continues to this day, and interferes with official investigations into the Newtown tragedy. How can James Tracy and the university shrug off any responsibility for the pain they are causing?

It is extremely telling that the MSM is even bothering to respond to us "truthers," but how could they not when Sandy Hook Hoax videos are getting eleven million views?  The picture above is from the first of two segments that Cooper has done since Sandy Hook Questioners reached a critical mass.  I will explore this in detail in part three.  For now, here are a few of the more obvious Sandy Hook witnesses that may be actors.

The Coroner  

 Below is the press conference held by Sandy Hook's Coroner shortly after the shootings.  There are many problems with his story, I will highlight the most outrageous:

He appears nervous throughout the recording, he attempts to make jokes several times and even laughs at them.

He confirms that all of the victims were killed with the "long weapon."  How in the world did Adam Lanza manage that one?  Remember, he was found with two guns on him and the rifle was found later, in the trunk of the car he reportedly drove to the massacre.

When asked if Lanza killed himself with the rifle, the coroner automatically says "no."  He has already previously stated that he has yet to see the bodies of Lanza or his mother.  He quickly covers his statement by saying, that he hasn't made there yet.

When asked how many boys versus girls were killed.  He says in an exasperated manner, "I have no idea."  Really?!  Isn't that your job?!


Bizarre Sandy Hook Coroner behavior (11 min)

Gene Rosen

The video below is a full-length documentary exploring the ever-changing story of Gene Rosen.  If you can make the time, I think it is well worth the watch.  This guy completely eviscerates Rosen within the first ten minutes.  It's actually kind of painful to watch.  It is clear that this man is most definitely not telling the truth.

 Gene Rosen Masonic Connections, Conflicting Stories
(97 mins)

A few Highlights from the video:

In the first video we see, Rosen claims to have a grandson who is eight years old.  Next we are shown a link to his personal website (updated in Sept of last year) that says he has a two year old grandson.  Shortly after, we are shown a video where he claims to have two grandchildren, a grandson and a granddaughter.

Rosen claims to have seen the casualty list, two days before it was even released!

Out of the six children, Rosen is not sure how many are boys and how many are girls.  In one segment he says there were three boys and three girls, in another he claims it was two boys and four girls. 

Much like other coverage, Rosen's story seems to evolve by the day.  In initial reports he is said to have been returning home from a walk.  Next he tells us that he was on his way to "a small, country diner, which is a vestige of our culture."  Another time he tells us he was "feeding his cats."  Finally, the MSM seems to be trying to keep his changing story from being an issue by opening for Rosen, saying he was "finishing up his morning activities."

Rosen claims to have no idea what was going on that morning.  In interview after interview, he says that he could not fathom what was going on.  He states he came upon the children who were sitting in a semi-circle and "seemed fine."  He even thought that it may have been a play or some Boy Scouts.  I would like to know how in the world he never noticed police cars, ambulances and six hundred children streaming down the street? How did he miss all of the commotion that was going on at the fire house, which happens to be right across the street?!

 Google map of Gene Rosen's House in Relation to Fire Station
Gene Rosen's house looks right out at the Fire House.  There are some trees there, but on some of the news coverage you can see the firehouse right through the trees in the background!  This google map shows you that the spot where the kids were found and the door of the firehouse are 84 feet apart.

Gene claims that the six children are from Vicky Soto's class.  He claims that they saw the execution of their teacher and had to step over her in order to escape the school.  How were they not bloody?  This part of the story has so many problems, I could write an entire post on that alone.  I'll cover that more in part three.

Children Hearing Bangs, NOT Shots.

This piece shows several different child witnesses.  The first is a third grader, who is shown with her mother.  She is the only one that says she heard, "shots and stuff" and then the teacher closed the door and they got in a corner.  The next two witnesses have a different story, however.  One says he smelled smoke and it sounded like someone was kicking the door in.  The second one says that he heard banging and then his teacher locked the door.

 Sandy Hook School Shooting Interviews--Kids (1 min)

In this following interview, we meet Ella Seaver, a young girl who was inside the school during the shooting.  This is an odd interview to say the least.  The girl tells us that they got to school and did what they had to do (?) then they she heard "all this racket" and she heard them say "go to your cubbies!"  She says they spent the rest of the shooting inside their cubbies while their teacher read two books to them.  When he asks her if her teacher seemed nervous, she says, no.  Then he asks her if she has a good teacher and if she loves her teacher.  If that is not weird enough he tells her that "what happened today is over" and that she needs to forget about it.  WTF?!  Am I the only one that smells a rat here?  He finishes up by asking about her Christmas list. 

I will come back to this in part three and delve a little further into the ways I believe this shows that the little girl is possibly a monarch, and suffering from mind control/programming.   Keeping this in mind, look at the way the mother keeps looking at the interviewer, who never once asks her a question.

Bizarre Interview with Sandy Hook Student
(3 min)

Ok, here is the last of the Crisis actors evidence for this piece.  Here are some pictures of Nick and Laura Phelps, two parents who were interviewed in Newtown after the tragedy.

Nick and Laura Phelps

Here is a picture of Jennifer and Richard Sexton, two people who have been long suspected by internet researcher Dallas Goldbug of being actors in these public massacres.  Link to Dallas Goldbug's website:

 Richard and Jennifer Sexton

They really resemble Nick and Laura Phleps, don't they?  Creeped out yet?  Just in case you are still thinking this could be coincidental, check out this picture of Jennifer Sexton on Stars Colors, a website that features people in the movie industry.

 And this...

What Really Happened?

Here is a Sandy Hook witness that the mainstream media never presented.  This woman comes across as much more believable than the other witnesses we have seen thus far.  Her version of events is also very telling.  She says that she saw two boys running from the school looking scared to death.  She says then she saw a black car pull up and a man came looking for his two little boys.  Next she says she sees 7 or 8 police cars speeding towards the school and then forty five seconds later she heard gunshots going off!  I am not surprised we have never heard from her again as she is recounting a scene that sounds an awful lot like a drill or satanic ritual complete with cops who show up before the event  takes place.  As we will see, law enforcement showing up prior to a large massacre like this is a hallmark of a false flag terror attack. 

 Marilyn Gudsnuk: Real Sandy Hook Witness? (1 min)

In part three, we will uncover even more of the inconsistencies in the Sandy Hook tale and we will begin to get into motive.  If the government pulled this off, what reason would they have?  Is it all about gun control?  We will explore that next time.  Before I end this however, I would like to touch on one last thing.

Scary Symbolism

Below is a video from Anderson Cooper 360.  It features the parents of Grace McDonnell,who are shown laughing as the segment begins, and remain happy throughout.  When describing seeing Grace's casket, Mrs. McDonnell says, "you felt like the floor was falling away beneath you and your breath was taken away." 
During the interview, Grace's mom tells Cooper about her meeting with the President following the shooting.  She tells us that she had to take a step back and remind herself that he (Obama) had to talk to many more parents that day and that she should be praying for him.  Oh, really? 

What struck me, however, was the picture that she claims was painted by Grace, which Mrs. McDonnell gifted to the President.  Before showing this picture she tells us that Grace and Obama had two things in common: 1.) Their love for Martha's Vineyard, and 2.) Hawaii.  As she is saying this, a picture of a fish that Grace supposedly painted is shown.  The next painting shown, and the one that the McDonnell parents chose to give to Obama, is of an Owl.  

I find this problematic for several reasons.  First, it stretches the imagination to believe that a seven year old who can barely write her name would be able to draw and paint a symmetrical owl, with wings that are exactly the same size and shape.  Second, the owl itself is painted blue and gold which are colors strongly associated with freemasonry.  (Source.)  Third, and this is a smoking gun in my opinion: in occult religions, the owl represents Moloch (Molech). 

Grace McDonald's Parents 2 Days
 After Sandy Hook Shooting
 (11 min)

Get a closer look at Grace's Owl painting, or Moloch:

Anderson Cooper Holding a Copy of Grace's Owl

Take a good look at the Owl's left eye and you will be left with no doubt as to who planned and pulled off this attack on the children of Sandy Hook and the people of America.  

(Just in case you didn't see it on your own)


If that didn't convince you, think about this: Moloch isn't just any God, he is the ancient Ammonite God associated with child sacrifice!  Phoenecians and Canaanites burned their children alive in deference to him.  (Source.)  Moloch is also associated with Bohemian Grove, an uber-private retreat in Northern California where many of our leaders gather each year and burn an effigy of a child in front of a giant owl.  (Source.)

Fact certainly is stranger than fiction especially when it comes to many of the events that have taken place in our country in the recent past.  As we have seen in this piece, it is very likely that the Sandy Hook parents, Coroner and Gene Rosen are actors or lying and covering something up.  None of the child witnesses seem traumatized, they are certainly not as upset as one would expect in a situation like this.  In addition to this we have Moloch symbolism plastered all over primetime TV which suggests that the President, Anderson Cooper and the McDonnell parents are all part of some sort of understanding as to what has occured.

As I will explore in part three, there are many reasons why our government would want to do something like this.  My hope is that you are starting to see that this goes beyond mere political conspiracy, that there is something very sinister at work here.  If you would like to continue your life unaware, with your head buried in the sand, I suggest you do not bother to read part three, because then you will know, and if you do nothing, are making a conscious decision not to act.  Once you know, it is up to you to distribute this information far and wide and expose these child murderers for who they are.  Time is short, if we do not act, the game remains in their hands.

I will end with a few words from the King James Bible, and our ONE True Creator, YHWH: 

Leviticus 20 Verses 1-8:

Then the LORD spake unto to Moses, saying, "Again, you shall say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed to Molech, he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones. 

 And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people: because he hasth given of his seed to Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.  

And if the people of the land do anyways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed to Molech, and kill him not:

Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

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