Friday, February 3, 2012


So the gist of this article is that Kris humphries is suing Kim Kardashian for fraud regarding their 72 day marriage.  I love it!  I know this may not seem like a New World Order topic to many of you, but these people (and many other reality stars) have become a BIG part of many Americans lives, thus molding our realities to some extent.

Conincidentally, I was just watching this show at home on my new cable TV.  I know, I know.  There was a marathon and I got sucked in.  It was impossible for me not to notice exactly how scripted the entire thing was.  Poor Kris had no idea that his wife was planning their divorce the entire time they were in New York, behind his back.  She had numerous conversations with everyone BUT Kris, discussing her unhappiness and how her fairytale wasn't what she wanted. 

I believe this trial is going to be very bad publicity for the Kardashian clan.

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