Saturday, February 4, 2012

Satanism Explained

I am sorry for the Kardashian post last night, I get carried away sometimes lol  Actually, get used to it because my interests are all over the place.  In college as an American Studies major, we studied the entire culture and that is what I continue to do to this day.  With that being said, I think the upcoming Kardashian divorce trial will help lead to the awakening  of many people and that is always a good thing.  I am loathe to admit that I spent three hours reading comments on TMZ last night, but it seems that the majority of the tabloid reading public has completely turned against Ms. Kardashian.  Many seem to believe that Kris Humphries was completely unawares that he was being set up as a stand in groom.  I am not so sure. 

For those of you who could give a flying you-know-what about fake-assed (lol) reality stars, I am working on a much more serious post for the near future.  It will explore and explain the involvement if the World's elite in the Worship of the Devil.  Until I can get that all finished, rather than just leave that last post up, I am going to post a couple of you tube videos that give a good introduction to the subject.

As of tomorrow, I will be sitting at this desk with a pen and a composition book.  I am going to be seriously researching and analyzing this conspiracy.  I will be bringing it to you, live, from the middle of nowhere.

   The Real Story Behind Aliens, Demons, Illuminati and Satanism
Full Length Doc. 113 Min

Alex Jones The Secrets of Bohemian Grove
Full Length Documentary

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