Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Sad Example of Police Brutality in Amerikkka

This just in from Florida.  We are all familiar with our policemen shooting black men in the back, but did you know they are doing it to party chicks as well?  Here is a story from Prison Planet explaining the incident in detail.

And here is a video from You tube of a local news program:

Cop Tasers Handcuffed Girl and Now She is Braindead

Apparently, she was under the influence of cocaine and oxcycontin when she was arrested for running from the scene of the crime of more than one vehicular accident.  The officer, who of course, has been cleared of wrongdoing, claims that he was simply trying to "protect" her from getting hit by a car, as she ran out into what looks from the video to be a HUGE parking lot. 

Nothing to be alarmed about here, folks.  Just a lazy, 276 pound cop who got trigger happy with his stun gun and killed a young girl.  America is still a free country where officers truly "protect and serve."  Shhhh.  Nevermind the fact that they have killed several hundred with their stun guns.  Turn the TV back on.  Back to sleep you go.

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